Over 40 Years of Quality and Creativity

In 1975, Abdo Farah had a vision to help local businesses engage their customers, and he quickly developed an unswerving reputation as one of the most skilled and creative sign developers in Lebanon and the surrounding region. Today he is celebrated as a true artist.

Thousands of neon lights and signs serve as testament to his craftsmanship and commitment to client success.

Like Father, like Sons

Abdo’s sons Fabio and Dario now follow in their father’s footsteps, carrying the same spirit of craftsmanship while expanding across marketing disciplines.

Fabio’s experience as software developer and industrial systems engineer bring an increased attention to innovation and technical skill, and in 2007 he founded PROMENTI with his father.

Dario joined the team in 2014, bringing a new level of leadership, planning, customer care, and client relationships.

Mrs. Maya Lameh completes the team, helping to build a corporate culture that is fun and collaborative and creative.

A spirit reflected in every project

At PROMENTI, we believe that focused efforts on raising employment of Local youth, within several of our departments, is a guaranteed approach to ensure that all our projects cater to the wants, and needs, of our various local clients. Additionally, our main goal and end result is to cater a full-fledged Local staff of experienced veterans empowered by the knowledge and experience of the team within the network. One heart, one mind…

Together this team has helped propel PROMENTI to unmatched levels of success, and we continue to seek opportunities for strategic expansion throughout the region.

Our Commitment to Creativity and Quality

We love our work because each project gives us the opportunity to learn about your business and your goals, and we challenge each other to consistently bring our best skills and craftsmanship to the job.

Our goal is to strategically create the most effective marketing solution that fits with your needs and your budget, maximizing your impact while keeping costs reasonable.

We believe in extending and expanding our reputation for skill and creativity through an unmatched level of professionalism, flexibility, and commitment to meeting our client’s needs.